Op dit moment is Melise te zien in de Broadway Hit musical

‘The Prom’!

Melise heeft weer verschillende stemmen ingesproken in:
Summer camp island, The fungus, Minnie’s bow-toons, Funhouse, Blues Clues, That girl Lay-Lay, Creature cases Aka Claede, Myra Royal detective, Octonauts, Chicken squat, Special wonderful winter of Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, Peppa Pig, Battle Kitty, Pinocio, Stand by me, Don’t look up, Raphanis, Loud house, Ridley Jones, Word Party, Pony Life, Jellystone, Paw Patrol, Under wraps, foodtastic, I hart Arlo, Love monster, Ridley Jones,That’s Joey,  e.v.a. (Zie ook: Na-synchronisatie)